Harbor Cruise

Tour Charleston’s amazing harbor in style…………

Why Sail?

Alliance Sailing Charter offers several harbor tour packages for up to 6 passengers. The most popular time to sail is sunset which provides the perfect atmosphere to get away from the daily grind. Guests can kick back, relax and soak up the last remaining rays of sun or be as active in the sailing of Alliance as they wish. If interested in learning the finer points of sailing come on out for an afternoon sail and find out what it is like to helm a boat and trim the sails. Instruction can be freely given and you can do as little or as much as you like. Regardless of your interest level, Alliance Sailing Charter exists for your enjoyment and we will do our utmost to make your sail a memorable one.

Charleston Harbor Tour (3 Hours)

Depending on tides, currents and wind our three hour harbor sail will take you out to Fort Sumter, the Charleston Battery and waterfront, up to the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, Yorktown and Patriots Point. We will circle the entire harbor while you relax on the bow, amidships or cockpit and breath it all in. It is a rare occasion when we do not see a dolphin riding our bow wake or playing in the harbor waters around Charleston.

Charleston Harbor, Offshore, Anchor and Swim (6 hours)

Want something a bit more?  Reserve a six-hour charter and head offshore, sail the harbor then anchor out. While at anchor, listen to your favorite music,  grab a bite to eat and relax in a hammock or on deck after a refreshing swim.  Bring your favorite beverage, hors d’ oeuvres or picnic dinner.  Enjoy a perfect day on your own floating island!

Charleston Race Scene

Racing a sail boat is exciting, challenging and the most fun you can have while traveling under 10kts. Charleston Sailors are known for their racing, competing up and down the East Coast and in international offshore regattas. The CORA (Charleston Offshore Racing Association) race schedule kicks off January one and doesn’t finish up until Thanksgiving. Sign up for a midweek three-hour sunset cruise and race in the Wednesday Night Summer Series which starts in May and ends in late August. CORA also sponsors a number of offshore and harbor races which run on the weekend. Give us a call if you are interested in the experience of going head to head with some of Charleston’s best sailors. Do as little or as much as you like, it is your experience.


A general rundown on seasonal departure times.

Spring / Fall11:00pm4:00pm

Wind Forecast Charleston

Tides For Charleston Harbor

Directions / Map

Special Events

Do you need a charter with a certain time in mind and the above departure schedule does not work for you? Schedule a Special Events Charter. It is a wonderful way to celebrate an engagement, birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party, a corporate event, or just a day for you and your friends. Prices may vary due to time of departure and or time onboard.

Food and Beverage

Our guests have access to a variety of onboard soft drinks and bottled water. Alcoholic beverages are welcome but will be the responsibility of the guest.  You should also bring any food you wish to eat. Bring a cooler, a bottle of wine, hors d’ oeuvres, or picnic dinner. We have an onboard refrigerator for our guest’s food and beverages. Our Captain and crew want you to feel at home and enjoy your time aboard Alliance.

Photographer onboard!

Interested in having you or your family’s portrait taken by a professional NYC fashion and portrait photog? How about a Kennedyesque portrait manning the helm. Take a look at the images on this page for inspiration and possibilities. Keep the memories alive for generations with a fashionable but classic photo shoot of you and your loved ones.

Inspired By –

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”- Mark Twain

“I really don’t know why it is that all of us are so committed to the sea, except I think it’s because in addition to the fact that the sea changes, and the light changes, and ships change, it’s because we all came from the sea. And it is an interesting biological fact that all of us have, in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean.  And when we go back to the sea — whether it is to sail or to watch it — we are going back from whence we came.” – John F. Kennedy  September 1962

“To young men contemplating a voyage I would say go.” Joshua Slocum – the first man to complete a single-handed circumnavigation.


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