WELCOME TO THE ALLIANCE – The official home page of S/v Alliance (and how my girl got her name).    Photo by Mark Stetler

In 1968 French sailor Bernard Moitessier was on his way to winning the first ever,  nonstop, single handed, around-the-world regatta, The Golden Globe. After many months alone at sea he rounded Cape Horn and began sailing up the Atlantic to Portsmouth, England. Shortly thereafter he abruptly turned Southeast towards Africa. Abandoning the Golden Globe, he continued to sail around the Cape of Good Hope and a further halfway around the world to Tahiti. When asked why he gave up on certain fame and fortune he said, “By racing to a finish where you started…. I felt I was losing my Alliance, so I turned around – possibly to save my soul…”  Ladies and gentlemen welcome to “The Alliance” – The Boat, The Ocean and You! 

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